Enables our community to exchange with each other, free of charge, excess produce & other useful items

Share Your Abundance With The Community


Our vision of a community exchange is to reduce waste and prevent excess food going to landfill where it produces greenhouse gasses. Exchanging excess food assists us to develop food security. The Millen Farm Community Edible Exchange enables our community to exchange excess food, and other useful items free of charge. Our farmers have even put excess fresh organic produce on the trolley or in the fridge.

When you place something in the exchange take a photo and post on the facebook group. This will let other members know what is available at the Edible Exchange. Similarly when you take something take a photo and post on the Facebook group to let members know. The placing and taking of exchange items can of course be in the one post. Please take only what you need.

Relating to non-edible items, please only leave items for storing/preserving food and books for the Exchange Library. Other items, in particular electrical items must not be left please to comply with council regulations.

The Edible Exchange is conveniently located off the main road, and is easily accessible for people travelling between Samford Village and Dayboro. There is plenty of free parking, and a large lawn area where the children can play whilst you are at the exchange. The Edible Exchange is open to all Facebook subscribers to the exchange and is located next to the lunch room under the large white marquee. 

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