Community Garden

A special place, attended to by a loving community of gardeners

Millen Gardens

Our vision of a community garden is unique to this location and its connections with the farm and the Community Hub Building.  This community garden will provide a number of functions to bring the community together in a safe, natural space for fun, education and companionship.  We have aptly called our community garden “Millen Gardens”.

Millen Gardens will cater for a variety of education opportunities ranging from a home schooler program, schools’ program and expansion on the current Millen Farm workshops.  Our education program will cover growing produce, sustainability, food security and much more.

Millen Gardens will be a place for all to come and enjoy.  It will be a relaxing and beautiful space in a natural setting with fresh air for people to come and walk through, sit and relax or help out and get their hands dirty.

Currently Millen Gardens is still being created and is expected to be open to the public at the end of 2020.

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