Who We Are

Millen Farm is a not-for-profit community-based organisation in the Samford Valley, just 30 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Our aim is to establish a financially and ecologically sustainable urban farming system and then to offer a helping hand to others who’d like to do something similar.

Our Story

Around a kitchen table back in 2013, a handful of Samford locals decided to act on our shared commitment to ecological sustainability by developing an urban agriculture model that could be replicated by other communities. With support from the Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2015, we were granted access to approximately 5000sq. metres of land within a stone’s throw of the Samford Village. We approached the project with a deep respect for the land and our community, including the indigenous peoples who have cared for this place for countless generations.

Our Values

Caring for the earth and for its people is at the core of our values. We wholeheartedly embrace sustainable, regenerative farming practices that give back to the soil and recognise that by protecting the community of organisms which are our under-ground workforce, we are creating the foundation for growing healthy, nutrient-dense food. And then, because we are a strong voice for our local area and its economy, we advocate for our farmers and engage our community in a celebration of locally grown food.

Our Mission

Learn, Grow, Feast. These are Millen Farm’s three pillars. We have created hands-on learning that empowers people to develop nutrient-dense soil and to grow their very own nutrient-rich super-fresh seasonal fruit and veggies. Right now, we are establishing a financially and ecologically sustainable urban farming system which maximises underutilised public land. And here’s the best bit – you can buy our produce online for pick up on Saturday mornings. As well, patrons at our local restaurants and cafes get to enjoy the taste of ‘real’ food, grown within walking distance.

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