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This World Environment Day on June 5th 2021, the UN will launch its Decade on Ecosystem
Restoration with the theme of Recreate, Reimagine, and Restore! And Millen Organic Farm
is excited to be launching the next chapter of our Community Education Department in
partnership with Unleash Academy Pty Ltd.

Millen Farm will Recreate some of the valuable education that has historically been carried
out in our community. We will Reimagine our offering and explore new areas, topics and
methods. As we help our neighbourhood Restore our local ecosystem and our community
ties through exceptional education and events.

Our new Community Education Manager, Cheryl McKenzie, will publish the education
calendar in the coming weeks.

You will see some of our favourites return,

Bee Keeping,
Worm Farms

    And a range of new content

    Vegan Cooking,
    ZERO Waste,
    Recycle, Upcycle,
    Keeping backyard hens,
    Food Forests

    And much, much more.

    Cheryl comes to us with an extensive educational background and a career in environmental
    management in many industries, including waste, recycling, and agriculture. Cheryl has a
    desire to reconnect our schools, residents and businesses through training, education and

    Join us as we join the UN in its aspirations.

    #MillenFarmCommunity #MillenFarmEducation #MFRestoration

    This is our moment.

    We cannot turn back time. But we can grow trees, green our cities,
    rewild our gardens, change our diets and clean up rivers and coasts.
    We are the generation that can make peace with nature.
    Let’s get active, not anxious. Let’s be bold, not timid.

    Join #GenerationRestoration

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